martes, 5 de enero de 2010

Presencia y ausencia / Poema de Alex Julca

"Presencia y ausencia"

Alex Julca

away from the noise
away from everyone else
here in my Queens place,
my heart misses you all

only one heart,
many places shaping
the fibers of my soul

i can only be in one place at once,
though feel the beat of many at once

i miss each in every absence
i welcome each in every presence,
i leave pebbles of love
in every place i go

many layers
where my soul rests,
many cords
that need to be played at once,
that need to be played each

everyone shape
the colors of my soul,
everyone barnish
what i see:
the light falling
through my window,
the birds arriving outside,
the plants surrounding
my morning meal

every morning:
all fibers open
like red roses,
holding all my quests,
and dancing what i got to give
to the day

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