jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Naomi Klein sobre los codigos de contruccion en Chile y una acotacion de Alex Julca

Interesante articulo tomado de The Guardian

Aqui la acotacion de Alex Julca

Both earthquakes had the epicenter near the main city in Haiti and Chile, though the chilean was of higer intensity. Yet it produced similar figures for "affected" people.

Inequalities between living situations of the rich and the poor is driving the number of deaths and affected in both Haiti and Chile, though with imporatant qualifications: widespread extreme poverty and neocolonial inheritance in Haiti increases the chances of deaths (over 250,000), but both countries share the extent of affected people and consequently the loss of livelihoods e.g. 2-2.5 million displaced, injured and with no jobs.

A quick look at the gini and 20% richest/poorest in both countries indicates shares of 55s% for richest and 2-4% income for poor. So, why a 'rich' country like Chile have similar levels of inequality than Haiti, one of the poorest in the world?

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